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Beyond Social Media

Unleash the power of mass marketing via WhatsApp, Wechat, Line or Viber


Post & Earn Opportunity

Earn easy income daily by posting business owners' ads in your group chat


Awesome Features

Tap into our global network of business owners and users contacts. They will post your ads in their WhatApp, WeChat, Line or Viber group chats for FREE! Join us as our Post & Earn users and earn daily income

Lifetime Membership

Our free trial membership last forever! Not to worry. You will still have access to all Debuver app features

Zero Advertising Cost

Leverage on other people contacts. Expand your advertising reach to local or global market at zero cost

Match-Pooling Ad

We match your ad with thousands of our user profiles. They will post your ad for you in their group chats

Refer & Earn

Invite entrepreneurs or business owners. Earn cash for each referral that upgrades to Paid Membership

Income Opportunity

Get paid daily by posting ads for our advertisers in your group chat. No setup or monthly fee. Post & Earn

Take Your Coffee

No more costly advertisement. Upload ad info, select chat app to post your ad and watch your business grow

How It Works

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Step 4

Install & Sign In

Install App

Debuver app is Free. Simply download app in Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Sign In

Input your mobile number. We will send you SMS verification code. And it's done

Step 1

Input Your Profile Info & Group Chat

Profile Info

We need your name, country, state, business category and subcategory. This will be used for our Match-Pooling ad feature

Group Chat

For Free Trial members, you just need to submit one group chat link/qr code for the chat app that you will use for ad posting

Feature Image
Feature Image

Step 2

Input Your Advertisement Info

Upload Product Image

Use high resolution and attractive pictures either in jpg, png or pdf format

Advertisement Text

Tell your potential customers about your product, features and pricing

Step 3

Select Matching Profiles For Your Ad

Match-Pooling System

We match your ad with users from the same country and business category but selling different product

Power Of leveraging

Those users that you select will post your advertisement to their group chat in your selected chat app

Feature Image
Step 4

Step 4

Check If Your Ad Has Been Posted

Verify Ad Posting

Go into each of the users group chat. Confirm if ad has been posted

Complete Or Repost

You can either mark the job as done or request user to repost your ad

Screenshots of App

Easy To Navigate & User-Friendly. Ready For iPhone & Android


Top 10 Most Popular FAQs

How Effective Is Debuver?

Imagine getting your ad posted in group chats by 10 business owners or users related to your industry. Each chat group has a minimum of 50 members. Let's say you do 3 such Match-Pooling ad campaigns per day. That would means 1500 potential customers receiving your ads daily. And ALL these at 100% zero cost!

What Chat Do You Support?

Currently Debuver supports WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and Viber. We are available in most countries around the world

How To Reach Global Market?

You can select the country and state you want your ad to be posted to. Our Match-Pooling system will match your ad target and chat app that you select with the relevant profiles accordingly. With Debuver, you can seamlessly advertise your business to local or global market

What About Data Privacy Act?

Our app complies with International personal or data policy act. We do not store any contacts from your mobile. All advertisement postings are restricted to each user personal contacts in their mobile

Why Submit Group Chat Link?

Paid and VIP membership need not submit group chat link or post ads for others. Free Trial Members must submit group chat link to enable Match-Pooling Ad. Leverage on each other contacts to advertise your product, in which thousands will post your ad for you in their group chats. While you may be requested to post ad for others in your group chat, it will only be ONCE per week. Post & Earn users must submit group chat link so that you can start to receive ad posting request from advertisers and start earning.

Can I Reject Ad Request?

Yes you may reject a match-pooling ad request if the advertisement content conflicts with your religion, cultural or personal concern

How Many Membership Types?

We have Free Trial, Paid and VIP membership. You do not need to upgrade unless you require extensive marketing campaigns as our free trial comes with full app features

How Does Post & Earn Works?

Simply register into Debuver App as Post & Earn users - It's 100% free to join. After profile registration, submit your group chat links. You will receive notification if any advertisers request you to post their ads in your group chat. Once each campaign is completed, you will be paid $0.10 per ad posting

Other Income Opportunities?

You can earn referral commission from each of your referral membership upgrade. On top of that, we also offer an attractive monthly bonus for Top Referral and Top Post & Earn Users

Payment & Payout Method?

If you choose to upgrade your membership, it will be a one time payment via PayPal or debit/credit card. There will be no auto-deduction or monthly subscription. Earning payouts shall be processed via PayPal


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